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These are all posts about BGP. Archive for 2023.

Should the datacenter be in the middle?

The other day, I landed on this article: In Focus: Subsea Network Architecture: IXPs. The article takes some time to arrive at the point that undersea internet exchanges would be a good idea. The most eyecatching part is a variation on this image:

But should the datacenter and/or internet exhange in the middle between multiple users?

Read the article - posted 2023-09-07

BGP handling of obscure errors

I read Ben Cartwright Cox' (extensive) blog post Grave flaws in BGP Error handling and then saw his talk about the same topic at NLNOG on Youtube.

Here's the story.

Read the article - posted 2023-10-02

→ Enforcing First AS in BGP

The BGP RFCs state that external BGP peers should insert their own AS into the AS PATH advertised to eBGP peers. Some peers strip their AS, generally for commercial gain. Juniper and Cisco have opposite default behaviors for handling this. Make sure you set bgp enforce-first-as on Juniper routers. Caveats apply.

The annoying part here is that you want to disable this check for internet exchange route servers, but keep it enabled for everything else for security reasons. But that's not universally possible, as on some routers this is a global setting, rather than a per-neighbor one.

Read the article - posted 2023-10-08

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