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These are all posts about BGP. Archive for 2007.

IPv4 address use in 2006

2006 was another busy year for the five Regional Internet Registries: together, they gave out 161.48 million IPv4 addresses, just shy of the 165.45 million given out in 2005 as measured on january first 2006. Lots more information in the 2006 IPv4 Address Use Report.

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OpenBSD, the security conscious sibling in the BSD operating system family, has its own BGP daemon implementation: OpenBGPD.

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As Zebra progress has been glacial, a group of people created a fork under the name Quagga. Quagga is more community-based and a somewhat better choice than Zebra in an operational environment.

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BGP security: learning an old dog new tricks

Old dogs can learn new tricks. That's a good thing, because securing inter-domain routing requires a whole bag of them. After lots of talk about S-BGP and soBGP over the past years, more recently, work in the IETF on making inter-domain routing more secure has shifted to a different approach.

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32-bit AS numbers in the wild

In january, Geoff Huston wrote to the NANOG list:

George Michaelson, Randy Bush and myself have successfully tested the implementation of 4Byte AS BGP on a public Internet transit. The above BGP RIB snapshot was taken at a 4Byte BGP speaker in North America, showing a transit path across AS 1221, AS 4637, AS 1239 and AS 3130 , with correct reconstruction of the originating AS at the other (4Byte AS) end.
At the time of this writing, their prefix is no longer visible in the global BGP table...

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